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Do you consider yourself to be a sharp, energetic, well-rounded person with the drive and tenacity to make your own way in life? If so, then Air Force ROTC is for you, but you have got to be willing to give it everything you have got.

Military PlaneThe General Military Course is offered to freshmen and sophomore students who meet the following minimum membership requirements:

  • Enrolled in an accredited college that hosts or has a crosstown agreement with an Air Force ROTC detachment 
  • United States citizen (if on scholarship)
  • In good physical condition
  • Of good moral character
  • Age 14 years or older – 17 years old to receive a scholarship
  • Attend both the Aerospace Studies class and Leadership Lab each semester

The following credentials may preclude you from Air Force ROTC membership (contact a cadre member if you feel the below pertains to your situation), but will not keep you from enrolling in an Aerospace Studies class:

  • Conscientious objectors – one who has or had a firm, fixed and sincere objection to participation in war, in any form, or to the bearing of arms because of religious training or belief, which includes solely moral or ethical beliefs.
  • Present or former commissioned officers of the Armed Forces.
  • Officers of the Health Services and Mental Health Administration and members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Individuals on active duty with any military service – enlisted/warrant officers of Reserve or National Guard unless conditionally released.
  • Nonimmigrant students from nations not approved by the Department of State.
  • Students who do not or cannot meet required Military Retention Standards.
  • Individuals who have dropped out of a previous officer training program (e.g., Officer Training School, United States Air Force Academy, etc.). This may be waived depending on individual circumstances.
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